Sun Hei (Worldwide) Electronic Co., Ltd.

Sun Hei (Worldwide) Electronic Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of electronics like DVD players, digital cameras, health and beauty electronics, electronic game devices, and many more.


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Sun Hei Soccer Academy

Sun Hei Sports Club

Besides, we run a soccer club and academy in Hong Kong known as Sun Hei Sports Club and Sun Hei Soccer Academy respectively.

The club was founded in 1986 and became a leading soccer club in the 2000s. The club has won four Hong Kong First Division Football League championships, three Hong Kong FA Cup championships, four Hong Kong League Cup championships, and a Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield championship. Besides, the club reached the playoffs of the Asian Football Association Cup three times.

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Sun Hei (Worldwide) Electronic Co. Ltd.

our history

In 1983, Sun Hei Trading Company, the predecessor of Sun Hei Worldwide Limited, started out as a small trading firm at an office of only 200 square feet. The founder aimed to establish a business that puts customer relationship and employee development before profits.

Over the past four decades, the company has upheld the motto and has expanded its procurement and manufacturing operations from Taiwan and Hong Kong to a nationwide network of vendors throughout mainland China.

Moreover, thanks to its excellent client relationship management, the company has transformed itself into one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic products with many brand name clients located in continental Europe and the Americas.

Our success is rooted in our customer-first philosophy, making every organizational decision based on building trust at every step along our customers’ journey to better products.

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Sun Hei Worldwide Limited

our customers

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