our strengths

1. New Product Development

  • Each journey to a finished product differs and each industry requires a different approach when it comes to product development. We know how to take a product from conception to market by concept drafting, design creation, prototype development, and market segmentation.
  • Our product innovation process models, depending on your needs, help you reach your product development objective. They involve evaluating current practices, recommending new practices, systemizing, and simplifying development practices, as well as being client-centric and teamwork-oriented. By following these steps during product development process, we can break down your daunting task of bringing a new product to market into various stages and hence can develop a successful final product for you in a more systematic and predictable manner.

2. Procurement & Vendor Compliance

  • We streamline and standardize our procurement processes and vendor lifecycle through effective supplier identification, adoption, evaluation, communication, approval, transaction, and analysis. This results in higher effectiveness, transparency, and productivity, lower administrative cost, more savings, less supplier non-performance, and non-compliance risk as well as improved supplier relationships.
  • We manage vendor relations and lifecycle using a comprehensive vendor directory by ensuring vendor compliance for reducing costs, speeding up order processing, and increasing customer satisfaction. Our vendor compliance program includes spelling out our requirements and penalties on backorders, chargebacks, service standards, delivery dates, product conditions and quality, packaging and labeling, supply chain system requirements like POs, packing sizes, paperwork, logistics, returns and credits, etc.

3. Quality Control

  • Our quality control for products includes inspection, sampling for acceptance level, and identifying defects according to set standards and reliability. Besides, we measure the ability of a production process to produce a product within our clients’ tolerance range. This controls product quality within target specification limits and maintains product quality consistency.
  • Our concept of quality management is to deliver near-perfect products for optimal customer satisfaction. To this end, we first focus on our clients to bring maximum benefit to them by understanding their needs. Secondly, we measure value and identify our problem areas by data collection, definition, insights expected, accuracy, and standardization. Thirdly, we eliminate bottlenecks and defects during problem identification. Fourthly, we involve the whole team who contributes and collaborates their own expertise and knowledge for problem-solving. Lastly, we adapt to change in the work process and employee approach with full flexibility and responsiveness to changes.

4. Design

  • We have supported numerous clients with custom product modules across many sectors around the world. Our design process takes your idea from concept to prototype.

5. Packaging

  • We adopt a lean approach by implementing a line-to-line supply chain using standard packaging tools according to dimension or shape like trays and carts. This increases efficiency with fewer packaging steps, reduces workforce, and makes it possible to use containers repeatedly and collectively.