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best quality

experienced team

The team behind Sun Hei in Hong Kong and mainland China consists of industry experienced, intelligent, highly trained, and knowledgeable executives, managers, and professionals who are passionate about delivering the best quality electronic products to our clients around the world.
seasoned engineers

good know-how

Our knowledgeable engineering team covers all relevant disciplines to provide our clients with a great depth of product knowledge and technical support needed to help design for manufacture and consultation for prototype that runs right through mass production. We also diagnose and troubleshoot design and quality issues, recommend new technologies, as well as provide product design, sampling, interface and colors, programming and debugging to provide service levels that are beyond our clients’ expectations.


Our engineering team comprises electrical, thermal, mechanical, software, and hardware specialists who contribute their knowledge and expertise to cut down on design time and meet your design requirements.

good international trade knowledge

trade experts

Each country or region has their own laws and regulations on imports and exports from their jurisdictions that companies must comply with. Failing to do so can have dire consequences. Our international trade specialists help our clients keep up with ever-changing international trade laws and regulations like import and export controls, trade compliance, tariffs, VATs, import taxes and duties, product safety, supply chain, logistics, and trade remedies.
extensive international trade contacts

global network

With our global network of international trade contacts and partners, our international sales and marketing specialists offer you international business sales and marketing information, counseling, and solutions whether you are new to international sales, looking to enter a new market or expand your business.