Soccer Academy

Hong Kong spirit

Leap Sun Hei Soccer Academy

Leap Sun Hei Soccer Academy was founded on December 16, 2015. The soccer academy was named “leap”, which means to spring ahead toward the goals. The badge of the academy features a lion representing the “below the Lion Rock Hong Kong spirit” as essential and precious core values in the hearts of Hong Kong people. Our team strives to uphold this “Hong Kong spirit” by working hard and being enterprising, caring for each other, achieving self-improvement in adversity, and meeting every challenge.
youth football

grassroots football

Our academy is committed to promoting the development of football in Hong Kong in the hope that more young people would learn about the culture of football. Our academy also attaches importance to the development of grassroots football (under 12 years old). To increase the awareness of football among the grassroots population will significantly increase the number of Hong Kong’s youth football players with a view to promoting football as the ultimate goal.
development of trainees and coaches

awareness of social care

In addition to promoting football, our academy sets ourselves apart from other football academies by using football as a bridge to connect with the community, give back to the community, and serve the community. At the same time, we hope to give the public more opportunities to learn about football and use our school as a bridge to increase the awareness of the social care and development of the trainees and coaches.
volunteer work

community activities

Leap Sun Hei Soccer Academy aims to become a football academy closely tied to the community. In the future, we will organize more community activities, encourage participation in volunteer work, and at the same time make football popular in the community, and promote social harmony through football.