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A leading manufacturer of LCD products

Sun Hei Electronics

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Sun Hei Electronics is a leading manufacturer and distributor of LCD products. We manufacture a wide range of electronic products including consumer electronics like DVD players, digital cameras, health and beauty electronics, and electronic game devices as well as clocks & watches, and calculators.


Our main clientele used to be simply importers but has recently developed into a global network of retail chain stores and eCommerce stores and marketplaces located in continental Europe and the Americas.


With over four decades of experience in the electronics industry and our manufacturing operations and office in mainland China, we bring state-of-the-art technology expertise and knowledge to meet our clients’ LCD challenges.

the best lcd product distributor

PRODUCT quality control

We provide sales and marketing leadership and vision for technologies that enable the next generation of electronics. Through vertical diversification and quality control, we strive to find the right solution for our clients to deliver quality products with first-rate after-sales technical and customer support and service.


One of our strengths is product adaptation. The products we make for our clients are designed for top performance and innovation to meet challenging and ever-changing global market demand. As a result, Sun Hei Electronics has become one of the world’s best distributors of LCD products.

A leader in analog quartz watches

Sun’s Union Watch Manufacturer

Besides LCD products, we also own and operate other businesses like quartz watches.


Sun’s Union Watch Manufacturer Limited manufactures and distributes analog quartz watches. The company name underlines our leading distribution position in analog quartz watches in the world.

highly qualified team

customer satisfaction

At Sun Hei, we guarantee customer satisfaction. No matter if you are seeking an LCD or analog quartz watch solution or the ideal product for your business, reach out to one of our sales representatives.


With our strong financial position, our highly qualified team is fully trained and knowledgeable about every product we offer. Our entire team is committed to offering you the best quality, value, and return on investment (ROI) as well as on-time delivery.